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News From Beacon Hill – July 2014

Environmental Exposure Focus: Apartment Complexes Apartment managers and owners face a number of potential environmental liabilities in their day-to-day operations. Although these liabilities may be clearly allocated in contracts among apartment managers/ owners, tenants, or contractors working at apartment complexes, any or all of these entities could be sued or held responsible in the event […]

News From Beacon Hill – June 2014

Coverage for Roustabout & Oilfield Contractors One of the fastest growing fields in the insurance marketplace today is energy and its supporting industries. As this business segment continues to expand, the need for quality coverage to insure energy service companies has grown. Beacon Hill’s in-house program administrator, PartnerOne Environmental, has created PartnerOne Energy Select, a […]

News From Beacon Hill – May 2014

Insured Spotlight: Real Estate Portfolios Commercial real estate is a billion dollar industry, turning open land or old structures into apartment buildings, strip malls, and other profitable centers. Typically there are many people involved in the development of these locations, as well as the companies that own and/or manage them after they are built. Carrying […]

News From Beacon Hill – April 2014

Packaged Coverage for Environmental Contractors & Consultants Packaged coverage for environmental contractors and consultants combines various lines with a shared limit and/or aggregate. Examples include Commercial General Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability plus Professional, CPL and Professional, or General Liability and Premises Pollution. This type of program can be very beneficial for your insureds — by streamlining […]

News From Beacon Hill – March 2014

Products Pollution Liability – Not Just for Manufacturers By Tracy Durham, Associate Account Executive Although Products Pollution Liability is often considered for manufacturers, they are not the only ones who could be held responsible when a pollution condition results from a defective or damaged product. Companies that sell or lease goods to others, as well […]

News From Beacon Hill – February 2014

Weekly Updates From Beacon Hill Associates Starting this week, we will have a new blog post for you every Monday morning! Be sure to bookmark us and check at the beginning of each week for current event articles, company updates, and relevant industry news. Visit the Beacon Hill Blog. _____________________ Recent Chemical Spill Raises Awareness […]

News From Beacon Hill – January 2014

Forward to a Friend >> Your Source For Environmental Liability Insurance About Us   |   Agency Focus   |   Resources   |   Applications   |   News   |   Contact Us   |   Blog Recent Success Stories $1M Abatement contractor purchased GL/Pollution, $8M Excess, and Workers Compensation for $172,000. $67M Electrical contractor purchased a $2M/$2M CPL/E&O policy for $36,000. $1.5M Environmental Consultant […]

News From Beacon Hill – October 2013

October Success Stories Check out some of our most recent bound accounts. If you recognize any of them as ones you wrote, email us to receive a prize! Environmental drilling/sampling purchased GL/CPL/Professional with Employee Benefits Liability, Mold, and Non-owned disposal site coverage, as well as a $5M Excess policy. Total premium = $109,292. $19.25M General […]

News From Beacon Hill – September 2013

Environmental Coverage for Recyclers The recycling industry is booming—are facility owners & operators properly covered against environmental exposures? The recycling industry has recently seen tremendous growth — people around the country are taking a sustainable approach to living, using less, and recycling the materials that they do use. While many of the recyclers are construction […]