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Types of Additional Insureds

By Carter McAuley, Administrative Assistant Occasionally an insured may require a specialized Additional Insured Endorsement for a contract or job beyond the ISO forms CG 20 10, CG 20 37, or the carrier specific Additional Insured endorsements. There are several different Additional Insured Endorsements that are available to meet the needs of an insured. Most […]

Site Pollution Coverage for Medical Facilities

By Amanda Duncan, President, PartnerOne Environmental Healthcare facilities, from large hospital campuses to corner drugstores, face many potential pollution exposures. These exposures are typically excluded from a General Liability and/or Property insurance policy, so it is crucial that this type of insured acquires additional Site Pollution coverage to cover any possible issues. Environmental concerns that […]

Overview of Common Endorsements

By Becca Cole, Associate Account Executive Some of the most frequent questions we get are about common policy endorsements. Beacon Hill Account Executives try to have our carriers include most common endorsements on our policies automatically, so frequently requested coverage is already included, but it’s important to check each policy individually. Here is an overview […]

Being a “Free Agent” in the Insurance Purchasing Process

By Allison McGreal, Assistant Vice President, PartnerOne Environmental In this era of free agency, what if the insurance industry operated like the National Football League?  When the “contract” (insurance policy) expires, will your “free agent” (insured) take their business out to the marketplace to try for a better deal or have you locked them up […]

Coverage for Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse facilities have the potential for serious pollution exposures due to the size of the facilities and the amount of goods typically stored on-site at any given time. Problems could arise from various situations, including a warehouse worker accidentally puncturing a storage drum with a forklift, or even something as simple as dust being kicked […]

Insured Spotlight: HVAC Contractors

HVAC and mechanical contractors are faced with a unique challenge in today’s insurance market. While they are traditional contracting risks, they have become the focus of growing pollution and mold related claims over the last several years. Exacerbating the problem is the trend of holding these contractors to a higher standard than many other trades, […]

Success Story Spotlight: February 2014

Check out some of the accounts we wrote last month: $4.5M Excavation/grading contractor purchased CPL, inlcuding TPL and NODs, for $8,440.       $1.3M Abatement contractor in upstate New York purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M, no Action Over exclusion), $6M Excess policy, and Workers Compensation for a total of $163,444. A tenant who stores oil-based products for their business […]

Products Pollution Liability – Not Just for Manufacturers

By Tracy Durham, Associate Account Executive Although Products Pollution Liability is often considered for manufacturers, they are not the only ones who could be held responsible when a pollution condition results from a defective or damaged product. Companies that sell or lease goods to others as well as companies that install, service, or recondition goods […]

Environmental Exposures Call for Agent, Broker Response

BHA’s President, Bill Pritchard, shares his views on the growing public awareness of the environmental impact on business in the January issue of Rough Notes. Environmental Exposures Call for Agent, Broker Response By Dave Willis A number of factors are leading to increased opportunities for retail insurance agents and brokers in the environmental insurance arena. […]